How to play Garena Free Fire with friends

Garena Studios’ mobile battle royale title, Free Fire, has recently gained more and more players. The game is evolving and starting to catch up with other mobile battle royales like PUBG Mobile.
If you are a new player or even a seasoned veteran, you might not know how to add or play with your friends. The game doesn’t quite describe it as well, so some users are confused when they enter the game lobby. So today we have a guide that explains how to add other players and team up with them in Free fire.

You can also add friends by their Facebook nickname if that’s the route you want to take. Of course, this requires that your Facebook is also connected to Free Fire.

Either way, once you’ve added a friend, they’ll show up in your friends list and you can click their name to invite them to your lobby. If you are playing with just one other person you can play Duos and if you have more you will need to play Squads. You can change the game mode you are playing at the top right of the lobby screen.

First, you need to know your in-game ID and your friend’s in-game ID. This is simply the username that appears in the upper left corner of the game lobby. Once you have that information, look for the human icon with a plus sign on the right side of the lobby screen.
This is where you will add friends by their Free Fire ID. Just enter their name, then tap “Add friend”. If you entered the ID correctly, your friend will receive a request to add you to their friend list. This will appear as a notification in the lobby if someone tries to add you.

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